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Meet our Team


Simon is our EATUOW group manager and has been working in the hospitality and catering industry for 23 years. He has a background in the kitchens, having begun as a Chef straight out of school. For the last 15 years, Simon has worked with various Universities to deliver catering to both staff and students. 



Cris is our Hospitality Manager at EAT UOW. She has 17 years of experience working at 5 Star Hotels, fine dining restaurants, and as an Executive Chef at the university. She is passionate about everything that involves hospitality and customer service. Cris is also a trained as front of house and back of house manager. This means she can help the team wherever they need her, which she considers to be the TEAM spirit. She loves when customers say “ I just saw you on the other side earlier and you are here now !”.




Alina is our Unit Manager at the Marylebone campus 



Marco is our cluster manager at the New Cavendish St and Regent Street campus.

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